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    Can't move Indesign frames

    M. Slingerland

      I am having a problem with InDesign 6 and/or Indesign CC. I cant move my text- and picture frames. Nothing seems to help. If I do a restart I am able to move objects for a short time. After a time though it no longer functions.

      This is since one month. It seems like it has something to do with Windows Aniversary Update 1607. The machine is updated to the latest version.


      Already tries to:

      - Trash/replace my Indesign preferences and cache as descriped in https://forums.adobe.com/thread/526990

      - Disabled antivirus software.

      - Tried both versions Indesign CS6 and Indesign CC. Both versions have the same problem.

      - I'am not using any browser plugins like Pusbullet etc.


      Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

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          vinny38 Level 5

          Hi there

          I heard a lot about this issue but have never experienced it since... 15 minutes ago (I use CS6)...

          It occurred after an INDD crash, while reopening file and affected only some pages.

          I eventually managed to go over it by duplicating the affected pages. The duplicates pages were fine...

          Maybe you can it a try...



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            Sumit_Garg Adobe Employee

            Hi W.M. Slingerland,


            Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback regarding InDesign .  Based on your post, it seems you are  facing issue related to object movement.


            Can you please provide following information for more analysis.


            ·         Sample Document(Please attach a packaged document for analysis)

            You can upload your document on dropbox OR creative cloud for sharing OR send files to sharewithID@adobe.com

            ·         Version being Used(e.g CS6 ,CC ,CC2014)


            ·         Which area OR feature where slowness is being observed(e.g typing, export, movement etc.)

            ·         Any Known steps(Step that led to non moving)

            ·         Platform detail(Using Windows/Mac e.g. Windows10, Mac10.12.1)

            ·         Machines Configuration (details like RAM, CPU etc)

            ·         Video recording(If possible screen recording showing slowness )

            ·         External Plugin OR Font System(e.g Suitcase Fusion)

            ·         Any other extra information




            - Sumit

            (Adobe InDesign Team)