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    Form does not work with UNOEURO as web host


      My form s i a Muse website does not work from UnoEuro server. I have contacted their support, but they could not help me.


      They suggested to read this:

      Outgoing mail server for scripts

      If you need to send messages through your website via ASP, ASP.NET or PHP you can use smtp.unoeuro.com (port 587).

      There is no limit to how many or how much mail you can send through this server.

      To send through smtp.unoeuro.com you must use port 587 (TLS possible), and log into the server using your username and password. The credentials can be any given address setup in your UnoEuro Mail Administration.

      This server can only be used by your scripts from our web servers, and not by normal mail clients or servers that are located elsewhere.

      In PHP you can use, for example. PHPMailer or Swift Mailer to send as mail () function does not support the use of external SMTP server.

      In CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) Can often specify an SMTP server, or install a plugin that makes this possible.


      Can I make these changes in Muse?