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    Video Component for multiple movies (not working)



      This question was marked resolved although it wasn’t.

      PLEASE don’t be hasty – the answer given was not correct and only repeated the steps I had already described. [I do appreciate the effort, but...]


      I'm trying to use the new video component (HTML/Canvas) for multiple movies spread out along the main timeline. I'm using buttons with gotoAndPlay (and/or gotoAndStop) to get around the timeline and to get from movie to movie. BUT, although:

      1. I've given the individual video components different instance names

      2. and different classes (via the properties palette)

      3. and even moved them to different layers


      I have at least 2 BIG issues –

      A. The component will play the correct movies ONLY if I go in the order of their appearance. In other words  I can’t choose the 2nd move first, then return to an earlier movie!

      B. Also, if I watch the 1st movie, then the next, I cannot see the 1st one ever again even when I return to it on the timeline.

      Can you  help?

      Thanks! -Ira

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          rezun8 Level 4

          would you be able to post a dropbox or equivalent link for the fla for us to look at?

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            staticklingon Level 1

            Yes, thanks! Here is a link to a complete zip.

            testvid-animatecc2017.zip - Google Drive

            Much appreciated.

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You have the basketball video ending after the bike frame label, so when you play bike you are also playing basketball. Moving the end of the basketball video to the frame before the bike label will let you play the two videos in either order.


              Not being able to play a video a second time is, I think, because the video is still in memory, and the function that sets the video going does an exit if the video is apparently already going.


              I didn't yet figure out a way to purge the videos from memory.

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                staticklingon Level 1

                Hi Colin,

                Thanks for answering the 1st part! I'm a little embarrassed though, I must have messed that up while trying various fixes to the second issue. A goofy error on my part in any case.


                Regarding the second issue (not being able to replay the videos), this makes the component kind of useless for me. I expect many others will feel the same. Do you expect to look into it further? Will you let me know? (Is that possible?)


                BTW, I've been working with elaborate flash/video integration projects for some time and have developed a "video kit" for students of mine since my school moved to Animate in February. The Kit works very well, but it's too complex to embrace forever...a component seemed like a godsend.Please let me know if you solve the remaining issue ...and if you'd like to see the Kit (which has an html template, javascript code to work with it for animate, and other related instructions. BTW, Cory Hudson helped get me started (generously)).


                Please keep me posted. Regards!!!!!!!