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    CPU used 100% when application was minimized a couple of time

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      Following problem
      My application jumps between different movies and one of them have over 200
      Sprites - it works OK, the memory use during application is in that movie is
      about 100 MB. But after I minimize the window, memory use falls to 20 MB and
      when I restore the window again it stais 20MB but movie starts to work very
      slow and CPU use raises to 100 %. When I do not move mousepointer it falls
      to 20-30%, when mousepointer is moved it raises again to 100% the movie can
      not be used any more because it is very slowly (it looks like fps fall to 5
      frames per second, but it is still 30 as variables show)

      Can someone explain this phenomenon and how can I avoid it?

      Any help will be appreciated