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    Connection Error Detected


      I have downloaded ebook into my computer and able to read. Now I am trying to access same book from my iphone and ipad but not able to do. I am able to view the book names in my library in phone and ipad but when I try to open I am getting "Connection Error Detected"-"Digital Editions Could not connect to the fulfillment server. Please make sure you are connected to the internet.".

      I was able to read book from iphone a month back but now I am trying with different ebook and getting this issue.

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          rwtrrdmn570513 Level 1

          I cobbled a solution together from various answers here.


          1. found certmgr.msc on my computer (old Hp running windows 7)
          2. looked in Third-Party Root Certification Authorities --> Certificates folder for GlobalSign Root CA
          3. right-clicked and opened Properties
          4. Many items were unchecked, but the one that should have been checked, according to Adobe--Server Authentication--was already checked, so I decided to check a few more purposes: License Server Verification, and Digital Rights. I think there might have been one more, so if adding those two purposes doesn't work, try adding some more.
          5. As soon as I did that--whoosh! I could click any .acsm file and it downloaded to my ADE library.
          6. Now I have to figure out how to do this on my iPad Mini 2!