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    Animated GIF

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      Hi thanks for replying. I am using an obscure font on page and therefore am using images for some text. I have some text links that i want to use and want the text to change colour like normal link. If i use slices its exported as html and can't be positioned in a table on existing DW page. How can i export text that will change colour on rollover (image restore)? Animated gif?

      Thanks a mil

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          Hi Frank:

          If all the Fireworks file is generating is the rollover(s), in Dreamweaver you can use the Insert > Image Objects > Fireworks HTML to insert the HMTL generated in Fireworks into your Dreamweaver page. Just select the table or DIV you want to insert into and use the menu command.

          Though Fireworks exports HTML, nothing is forcing you to use the HTML that Fireworks generates. You can scarf the swap image code and pasted it in the JavaScript area of the Head, or just use the table code from the HTML in your Dreamweaver page.

          Another way to do this is to just insert the Up state image on your Dreamweaver page, - I'm assuming you are using Dreamweaver - and apply a Swap Image and a Swap Image Restore behaviors to the image on the page.

          mark haynes
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            Nice one Mark, I'll give it a go.


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              Oh by the way didn't really get the coding bit. How coulkd i use table code (how would that effect graphic?) and would there be a java script area there automatically because of the image being there in the first place... maybe i'm in over my heAD BUT IF YOU OR ANYONE COULD EXPLAIN THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

              mNAY tHANKS

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                I hate when the caps comes on and you don't realsise!