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    Copy catalog from Lr 5.x to 6.x (how-to/can I)




      I presently have a system with Lr 5.x (whatever the latest/highest release was on 5). I have been using that as my sole Lr processing system for a few years, hence have a fair amount of work invested in processing (mostly) underwater photographs.


      I recently purchased a new laptop that I would like to license the Lr 6.x for and copy/move the catalog from my old machine to my new machine. That way, I will have a newer copy of all of my previous processing on the new system.


      I have already moved all of the photos, but haven't yet purchased/installed Lr on the new computer.


      Is it possible to migrate the catalog info from 5.x to 6.x? If so, are there any special steps to moving the catalog info (because of the difference in versions)?


      Thanks in advance.