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    Redesign the insert watermark UI


      When exporting photos and going through the watermark phase it just feels so unintuitive and clunky.


      First off, when I go to "edit watermarks" which I use every time because I want the watermark in a different position on each individual photo, why do I have to save each minor adjustment to an existing watermark as a bran new one? I have a stock pile of watermarks named "ads,adgsg,agagsgd,agshdgd" etc. It would be more intuitive to either allow me to save an adjustment to the current watermark I'm using or allow me to export the watermarks current position without saving at all.


      Next thing that bugs me is when I'm adjusting the position of the watermark, the system for placement on the photo is very constraining. If I place it in the bottom left corner I can't move it vertically for example. Just let me place it with my mouse!


      I don't know about plugins etc. that can fix this but I think the software should handle watermarks more intuitively at it's core.