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    generating documentation of custom classes?

      I'm new to this sort of development environment.

      We're making a lot of custom classes and components, many of which extend others in the mix.

      I see throughout the Framework that there are comments in the
      * Comment Here
      * @special thing here

      format that corresponds directly with the Help documentation, leading me to believe there is some tool/app that is run on the source code that generates the documentation.

      Can anyone point me to a "101" version of how to write the comments (when to use @, param, etc), and what kind of app I run to generate the documentation, etc?

      Also, the comments I see seem to all be in .AS files. Is there a way to run the same sort of generator on a MXML file with a <SCRIPT> section? A lot of what we're doing is custom MXML components...

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          GordonSmith Level 4
          We have an internal tool that we use to create the class documentation, but we're not ready to release it with Flex 2 because it isn't ready for prime time. It involves a bunch of steps, is tempermental, isn't documented, etc.. It also works only on AS, and not MXML, files. But we know the community needs documentation tools so we're looking into cleaning it up and releasing it somewhat later.