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    external jpgs

      I am building a webpage and have my dynamic text loading from a text file, it loads whwnever the page loads. I also have a jpg loading through a blank movie clip which currently loads only when the button is clicked, my button code looks like this:

      on (release) {

      How can I get this to load whenever the page loads, and still load it as an external jpg?
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          gaurav_ch Level 1

          if you want to load the external jpg when the head enters a frame on the timeline, then just add the actionscript on that frame. if you want to load the text and jpg together, just add that actionscript on the same frame as actionscript of the text loading.

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            octav20xx Level 1
            it IS an external jpg ... but ... when the frame loads, it loads the scripts.
            gaurav_ch : add the actionscript on that frame

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              rtreitner Level 1
              Thanks guys I had tried some script on the same frame, but everything didn't load the same, maybe it was the way I did it. So after a while of playing around I think I got it.

              I put a blank movie clip on the stage, gave it an instamce name, then added a loader into the movie, which was fairly easy all I had to do was use the component inspector and put the jpgs name in. After that everything loaded pretty good. now if can only figure out how to make transitions work.