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    Lightroom 5.7.1 Edits from Yesterday are Disappearing Before my Eyes

    Hannah Hardaway

      I am guessing that this must have be some sort of weird bug, but yesterday I edited a full wedding. About a quarter of the way through editing I got a Lightroom error that said something about an internal error with a long string of numbers etc. (I wish I had taken a screenshot of it now as I really can't recall much more than that.) Ånyway, I clicked okay and was wondering if I was going to have issues continuing editing but everything seemed fine and I finished the whole wedding.


      This morning I opened up my catalog and was doing a quick scroll through of my edits before exporting them to upload. The first quarter of the wedding looked fine and was acting normally, but about a about a quarter of the way through (I assuming at the time when I got the weird error message that I had never seen before) the images looked fine and as if they were showing all my edits from yesterday (including some of them having been turned to black and white) but when the images rendered they reverted back to what they looked like on import and there is no sign of any edits. The History tab just shows the initial import from two days ago with no history of anything that I did yesterday.


      And then (this is the really crazy part) I went back in to my catalog settings and the Automatically write changes into XMP box was unchecked. That is something I ALWAYS have checked (I have been using Lightroom for close to 10 years now) and I definitely did not go into my settings and uncheck it yesterday.


      Unfortunately I did a full backup two nights ago so my backup catalog would not have any of the edits in it.


      Any ideas what might have happened??? I know this is a hail mary attempt, but I would LOVE to not have to reedit 3/4 of this wedding again. The first quarter of the wedding both the edits and edit history are there and everything seems fine.


      Thank you in advance for any insight you might have.