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    Help Embedding Wista Video - Shows on Muse Preview but not Chrome or Safari


      Hey everybody, I've been having trouble getting my Wistia embed to work. I am using an iframe embed, where it shows as 'broken, moved or deleted' in chrome and doesn't show at all in Safari. I tried the Javascript embed, which doesn't show at all in Safari or Chrome. Both embeds do show up properly in Muse though, both editing and previewing.


      I have not uploaded or attempted to upload the website yet, since I am still in the process of designing it for a client. Though if it doesn't work with the files on my computer, I don't think it would be any different once uploaded to a web server.


      Here is a link to pictures of my problem. Wistia Embed Issues - Seems to work in Adobe Muse, but not Chrome or Safari - Album on Imgur


      Is there any hope to getting these videos embedded? Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing what you all think!