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    Looking for a specific type of InDesign template. Any suggestions?


      I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask, but I've been searching for quite a long time now for a specific kind of InDesign template for a school project. I've tried just making my own too, but it woudl make things a whole lot easier and save me some valuable time if I could find a good template.


      What I'm looking for is a grey and green, simple-looking, A3 format, vertical template. I've looked through tons of templates but can't seem to find just the right one. I thought I might give asking here a shot. Maybe you have some suggestions for me?


      What I'm working on is a case study project where a nature area is being turned into a commercial area, hence I thought the grey and green would work nicely.

      This also means it can't be to wild in design, it needs to look a bit more profesionnal, but still easy on the eye.


      Thanks in advance