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    Lightroom on mobile to travel


      Hi everybody,

      I just need a little advice here.


      So I have started to take pictures few months ago and met a photographer who introduced me to Lightroom. Now I'm addicted to it ahaha


      I'm planning to travel down to South America for few month, and of course I'm bringing my beloved camera !!

      Now, I want my backpack to be as light as possible, so taking my huge and heavy MacbookPro is something I would want to avoid ... But it does seems important to me as well so I could correctly work on my pictures!


      Anyways, I just discovered that Lightroom is available on iPad. Would that be a good thing to have to remplace the Lightroom I have on my computer?

      Have you guys been using Lightroom on iPad? What do you think about it? Would it be good for travelers?


      Thanks for your attention!!



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi kim,


          You can use Lightroom mobile for on the go editing purpose. There is a big difference between Lightroom mobile and Lightroom desktop version. Download it on your mobile or Ipad device and start using it, so you will get the look and feel.


          Also, check the below faq's to clear your query about Lightroom mobile.


          Common questions about Lightroom for mobile and Lightroom for Apple TV




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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            LR Mobile on an iPad is not the same LR that runs on your laptop. It's good, but not an equal replacement. Also, you have to figure out where your images are going to reside. You can't hang an external hard drive off an iPad. You could upload your full res, original captures to LR mobile online, but that would be very slow. I don't recommend using LR Mobile on an iPad as a replacement for LR on a laptop for traveling for these reasons.

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              Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think it has a lot to do with the number of images you expect to store. For short trips the iPad can easily work, but as a trip gets longer, one problem is that iPad internal storage is limited. My iPad has 64GB of storage with 20GB available, but my camera cards are already 64GB and 32GB so if they fill up, my iPad doesn't have room to import the entire contents of those cards. While there are external drives available for iPad (usually wireless), they are not always easy to use and I think Lightroom Mobile can only work with images stored on the iPad itself.


              Lightroom Mobile itself is great. While Lightroom Mobile doesn't have all the features of desktop Lightroom, it's improved a lot lately and you can import and process raw files with it on an iPad. Any processing you do on your iPad gets synced back to your desktop version of Lightroom through Creative Cloud. The limitation here is that it must do it through Adobe Creative Cloud servers (no local sync), so if your Internet upload speed is slow either on the road or at home, hundreds of images will take forever to sync up to the cloud.


              So while Lightroom Mobile is great in theory, you will need to resolve the storage capacity and bulk sync speed issues before using an iPad to replace your MacBook Pro. I still have to take my MacBook Pro...


              And yet there are still people who do it. If you're still intrigued by the possibility, here's a video of travel photographer Elia Locardi demonstrating his workflow for editing raw files on Lightroom Mobile.

              Complete Shooting and Raw Processing Workflow with Adobe Lightroom Mobile - YouTube


              Also, Lightroom Mobile only syncs with Lightroom CC (subscription), so if you have Lightroom 6 (non-subscription), syncing won't work.

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