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    my extension doesn't install from the plugins site

    te_co Level 3

      i just submitted an update to one of my extensions, it got approved and it shows in my Add-ons page, but when i try to install from there nothing happens. if i click on "install issues?" it takes me to the product page which says "trial acquired" and i can't download the full version.


      - the trial won't even install because it says i have a newer version install, which i don't.


      all my other extensions have worked flawlessly except for this one and i feel it has something to do with the trial. i don't have adobe extension manager installed and i removed every trace of the trial on my computer i could find.


      i have one user i share this extension with and he can't access it either. it shows up on his My Add-ons page but it won't install. if he clicks on the "install issues?" button, it takes him to the trial version.


      i checked the trouble shooting site and just to be clear, my other extensions install and uninstall without any issues from My Add-ons page except for this one.