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    Not all photos open when Edit in photoshop, some are missing?


      This has been happening since I started using CC suite in 2015 and all my apps are current. In lightroom, I will select any number of raw files and then use keyboard shortcut or select edit in photoshop. Most of the time, one or two of the photos are missing and didn't open in photoshop. If I go back to lightroom the missing photo is highlighted still and if I deselect the others and only the one that didn't open and then choose to edit that in photoshop, it opens no problem.


      There is no rhyme or reason to it, its pretty random but regular, all the photos will open and have no errors, just sometimes not all will open. Not a huge deal but a pain in the *** as I have to go back and try and figure out which one is missing. 15 opened and 16 selected in lightroom. arghhh.


      Any ideas on solution?