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    Nook Glowlight Plus - Loan Token Update Failed.


      I have had this nook for a year and read numerous library books on it, but yesterday I started getting a 'Loan token update failed' error when I tried to open a downloaded .epub book.


      I have tried everything I can find on the internet as well as calling barnes and noble who was less than helpful. 


      I have tried...(muliple times for each of these)

      • Deauthorizing ADE
      • Going back to ADE 3.0
      • Unregister, deauthorizing my nook
      • Trying a different Adobe ID
      • Using a different computer


      I've had every e-ink version of the nook, but I'm about to the point of buying a kindle (or course I'm blaming the nook, because although I love how this nook feels, I have had more problems with library books on this one than any of the ones before).


      Thanks for any help anyone can offer -