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    PhoneGap iOS debugging

    philipw12907718 Level 1

      Hey everyone. A bit of a problem here. I'm have an iOS specific bug I need to troubleshoot on a new PhoneGap application of ours, and I cannot figure out how to debug it.My phone is iOS 10.1.1. I have built the application, submitted it, and downloaded it to my phone using Apple's TestFlight.


      Every website I come to recommends using the Safari Web Inspector to debug the iOS app. So I enabled Developer mode on my Mac Safari, turned on Web Inspector in mobile Safari settings, and plugged the phone up to my Mac. When I open the app on my phone, and in my Mac's Safari go to Develop > iPhone I show "No Inspectable Applications." Now when I open Safari up and go to any web page, I see that web page show up as an inspectable application. So the web inspector is working from my phone, just not in the PhoneGap application. Any tutorial I've looked at for PhoneGap web inspector debugging had no extra steps in it, so any ideas what I am missing?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          How are you building your app? What command(s)/tool(s) are you using to build your app?

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            philipw12907718 Level 1

            It's an angular 2 application. I am using web pack to transpile and build the application in a dist folder that I then upload to the Adobe Build website to build the PhoneGap app itself. I then download the build, upload it to iTunes Connect, issue it as a build in TestFlight, and download it to the iPhone from TestFlight.


            Alternately, I've also tried just locally running the PhoneGap app on my Mac from the dist folder itself, using the PhoneGap app on the iPhone to run the app. Still was not able to connect to debug. Hope that helps.

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              kerrishotts Adobe Employee

              What kind of certificate have you provided to PhoneGap Build? See the docs for more: Signing | PhoneGap Docs


              Inspectable apps must be signed by your developer certificate, NOT a distribution certificate. As such, this rules out using the PhoneGap Developer App (since it is distributed by the App Store) unless you build a version yourself. Double check how you're signing the app with PGB as well to make sure you're using a developer cert and not a distribution cert.


              You might also just want to set up a local PhoneGap  or Cordova CLI instance and build locally.