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    Premiere 2017 not using all CPU when exporting H.264

    josepha13107911 Level 1

      Hey guys, was curious if there was some kind of configuration I had wrong - but I expected that Premiere would use all my CPU power to export a video in H.264 - but it only seems to hit 20-25% max. Is there something I can change? I'm using the Youtube 1080p preset (I use a copy in the screen shot so it just appears at the top of the list.)


      If this is normal - how could I increase the speed of my video exports for YouTube? Should I be using a format besides H.264? I thought a CPU with more cores was all I needed. From what I can tell in other threads, the GPU would only help for certain tasks (effects, resizing). I'm also using separate SSD's for the source video and export location - so I don't think disk write is the bottleneck. Any advice would be great!



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