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    add audio to click box and/or slide

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      I have a slide which is a screen capture of a web page. I want the user to be able to click the various elements on that page and hear more information about that element.


      I used nine highlight boxes to spotlight each of the nine elements that make up the page. I recorded a brief into about the page and instructed the user to click an element to learn about it.  I created nine click boxes (one for each element) and recorded audio for each of them, but when i plan they slide, all nine audio files play at the same time.


      How do i get it so that the user can pick and choose each element in whatever order they want and listen to my audio information?


      Thanks, Marion

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Principle of audio attached to an object is that audio plays when that object is visible. Since those click boxes are 'visible', to allow the user to click them, all audio will play at once.


          Instead of attaching the audio to the click boxes, you should use the Success event of the click box to execute the command:

          Play Audio ....    indicating the proper audio clip.


          You don't mention which version you are using. Be careful: you don't want the playhead to be released when the click box is clicked. In Captivate 9 this can be done by unchecking the option 'Continue Movie at the end of the Audio'. That option doesn't exist in earlier versions, there you have to replace the simple action by a standard advanced or shared action. More info:

          Why choose Standard over Simple action? - Captivate blog