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    Flash Catalyst freezing in El Capitan, is there a solution?


      Hey Adobe,


      I'm aware that you discontinued Flash Catalyst and I know why you did it. But are YOU aware that it is STILL (in December 2016) the best way to create a complex interactive prototype? Are you aware that users still use this product? It's still being sold on 3rd party sites. I have it installed on an older computer that I keep alive solely for the purpose of whipping up impressive prototypes quickly using FC.


      Experience Design is not a mature replacement product, and I desperately need a real tool. Experience Design does not have the same level of interaction flexibility that can be achieved using nested custom components, buttons, and states in Flash Catalyst. In Flash Catalyst I can define hover states, tooltips, state transition animations without writing code. Click one button and it all just works! The interaction panel is amazingly simple and nothing rivals it, not Experience Design and not Sketch to InVision. I can build something that acts like a real interface and I can refine the design in real time.


      Sure, the output isn't HTML5, but it gives an interaction designer the ability to actually build something that's better than a damn powerpoint hotspot prototype. Here is my question: how can I use this software on El Capitan without it freezing 5 seconds in? Is there a work around anybody has discovered?