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    Billing team unresponsive - Seats deactivated for almost 30 days - No help at all




      The credit card on our account expired last month. We updated it in the Adobe panel but it continued to say 'Payment Needed' and the seats have been deactivated.


      I’ve called the billing team once every few days for updates but they still haven’t fixed it and the last email I received from the was Nov 23rd.


      Since then we’ve added a different card – and Adobe has successfully charged the test $1 to it. You would think Adobe would then bill us for the seats and re-activate..


      You would be wrong. The licences continue to be unusable.


      I don’t understand what the problem is or why Adobe won’t take our money.


      We have an open case - #0220295584


      I’m hoping that a supervisor monitors the forums as the actual team are incredibly unhelpful.