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    Lightroom Mobile for traveling?


      Hi everybody,


      I just need a little advice here.


      So I have started to take pictures few months ago and met a photographer who introduced me to Lightroom. Now I'm addicted to it ahaha


      I'm planning to travel down to South America for few month, and of course I'm bringing my beloved camera !!


      Now, I want my backpack to be as light as possible, so taking my huge and heavy MacbookPro is something I would want to avoid ... But it does seems important to me as well so I could correctly work on my pictures!


      Anyways, I just discovered that Lightroom is available on iPad. Would that be a good thing to have to remplace the Lightroom I have on my computer?

      Have you guys been using Lightroom on iPad? What do you think about it? Would it be good for travelers?



      Thanks for your attention!!