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    Real novice connection question


      I have the phonegap desktop installed on my windows 7 machine  and the phonegap developer on my samsung galaxy s5. This is the basic hello world I'm trying to run. It's running on the desktop and it gives me the server address. I put that in the phonegap developer and it tries the download for a bit, then I get a message "Alert Unable to download archive from the server. Unable to properly connect to the server". I saw in the documents the following : Double check to ensure you're running your device and computer on the same network before continuing. My windows 7 machine is running on the wireless network in the house. This should be so basic, but it's got me stuck. What am I doing wrong?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Is your Samsung Galaxy S5 on your wifi network? If not, make sure it is first.


          Next: does your Windows 7 machine have the firewall enabled? If so, allow an exception for the port you're using with PG Developer.


          Then: what anti-virus software do you have installed on your Win7 machine? It might be getting in the way as well.

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            KathyTheGreat Level 1

            Yes, it's not on the wifi. That dawned on me after I submitted the question. I will get that device on the network and give it another try. At least I'm thinking in the right direction. Thank you for your help. I sure felt foolish asking the question, but it needed to be asked.