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    Error message when using Premier Elements 15 shake stabilizer


      I am using Windows 10 Home. I purchased the Photoshop Elements 15 and Premier Elements 15 bundle the end of November. After using the Shake Reduction function on a video (there is no Shake Stabilizer option) in both "quick" and "detailed", I got a red bar across the screen that reads: "To avoid extreme cropping set Framing to Stabilize Only or adjust other parameters". I do not see any option regarding Framing or Stabilizing. I am not sure what "other parameters" means. Where do I find this information?

      There is no online help for Elements 15 for this feature, and it looks like the shake reduction has changed since the last online tutorial information referring to Elements 13 and "Shake Stabilization". I would appreciate help in allowing me to use the shake reduction feature in Premier Elements 15 as it was intended. It was one of the reasons I upgraded from the Elements 8 bundle.