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    InDesign CS2 asking for activation after harddrive change?


      I recently had some issues with my old Mac (running 10.6.8) and ended up migrating everything to a new hard drive.
      Ever since then, the InDesign CS2 is asking for activation whenever I try to open a document, but it says there is not server (even when the computer is connected to the internet).
      The option for Phone Activation gave me a message saying it is no longer supported and sent me to the website www.adobe.com/go/acti


      Everything I found on the website says to "contact us via phone" to correct the problem, but when following the links to do so, the end result is that "phone support is not available" for that pr


      Does anyone know how to either call Adobe or else how to activate a program after changing harddrives?
      Thanks:)  Any tips would be much appreciated as I have quite a few designs that I need to have access to.