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    flash drop down menu (where to start?)

      check out this site

      i want to mimic this drop down menu at the top. i made one similar to this using fireworks, but it's such a mess of code that i want it to be easy and look better. as far as i can tell, flash and javascript are being used on this site?

      so far, i know how to animate objects by converting to symbol and tweening. this i understand. but where do i start with this little project.

      Not looking for step by step instructions... although that would be awesome.... looking for major concepts and specific things i need to get this done. For instance, how many layers? Is each menu item it's own seperate movieclip? How does rollover function fit in? Alright, thanks everyone in advance... i'll be checking often. http://www.marquiscustomhomes.com
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          I am just finishing a similar project and would recommend taking micro-steps beginning with getting the main buttons drawn on the stage and set as individual movieclip instances. after that you need to use actionscript to make the buttons do something (i.e. change appearance and/or display subnavigation). This is just a place to start.