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    URGENT (becuz I'm tired!) -- Nested style works in one .indd and not in its clone

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      Hi, all who are out there also pulling an all-nighter to meet a deadline. I'm in desperate straits here. I have a book layout job with an enormous amount of repetitive material. It's a simple set-up but so many of them that I created my styles so that I could apply next...next...next in one fell swoop.  Three of those styles have nested styles.  I did one chapter a couple weeks ago, and it worked like a charm all the way through.  After being sidetracked onto other projects, I'm back again, trying to work on the remaining chapters. I am using the first chapter as my template and have saved to a new name. I've placed the next chapter's text within, cleared up any MSWord nonsense, and selected my range of text to apply my nifty combo of next...next...next styling.


      Portions of the styles applied, but none of the nested worked, and I absolutely can't figure out why.  The base doc (the other .indd) is fine, all still looking right.  (See first screen shot.)  The style goes (these are not my style names, just explanatory words):


      Name > then ...

      The "exists" line which is set with a nested style of "none" through 4 words [it's always these same 4 words], then "Bold" through 1 sentence > then ...

      The first definition with Rule Above, plus a nested style for "Bold" through 1 : (colon) > [I manually hyphenate] > then ...

      The second definition with Rule Below and the same nested style > then ...

      The Intro text that follows and so forth.


      The new doc is just ignoring the nested styles for no reason that I can see.  I ck'd Story Editor, didn't see anything unusual. As I mentioned, I'm working with a copy of the .indd that DOES work, and nothing has changed at ALL in the styles, nor in the text source, etc.  I've checked character styles -- no rogue applies out there.  All are None.  I'm mystified.  Here is a screen shot of what I am dealing with now.  You'll see part of the style applies, just not the three nested bits. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a whole book of this set-up to format.


      Does anyone have any idea about this?  I'd sure appreciate it.  I'm on my third all-nighter this week and my Vivarin will only hold out so long.  Thanks in advance!


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          UPDATE:  I had a brainstorm (hard to do on three hours sleep in three days) and imported my styles from the working doc into the nonworking doc.  By all rights, the nonworking doc should have worked, since it was just a Save As off the working doc.  But it didn't, so this was a last ditch effort.  I imported the styles and allowed them to overwrite their counterparts -- and voila! things are working.  So I'm not as desperate as before, but I'd still like to hear from anyone who has had this problem and especially if anyone has an idea of why it happens!  -- Thanks much.