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    Where are the best PhoneGap beginner tutorials

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      I've very new. Only know simple HTML and Javascript, and nothing else about mobile development.


      What tutorials would be the best starting point for getting going? Everything on the support site seems far more advanced.


      Thank you for any input,


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          Phonegap is just a building tool, and the Phonegap docs only describe how to make that tool transform your web application into an app for various OS. Phonegap is NOT a development method or a coding technique.


          So, if you're after documentation that teaches you how to design, develop and code web applications, you shouldn't be looking at Phonegap docs. Instead, you may want to buy a good book about the various topics (html5/css/js, your favorite server side script, databases, ajax/xhr and the development docs for Android/iOS/Winphone) or look for web tutorials on the topics you don't master sufficiently, yet. Also, you may first want to get into one or more Javascript UI frameworks, which come very handy when developing web applications.

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