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    XML photo gallery

    aniebel Level 2
      Hi, I've downloaded this XML/PHP photo gallery and I cannot get it to work and the company I bought it from seems to be slow on the draw when it comes to support.

      The problem is (I think) that the XML is not loading. As you can see I've set the dynamic text box to show the XML but nothing appears. I've never seen anyone reference a PHP file when loading XML but then again, I'm not fluent in PHP. Is it a virtual file? I don't see a physical file anywhere.

      Here is the part of the AS referring to the XML:
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          otnateos Level 1
          I just tried your script and it is working pretty smoothly.

          From what i saw from your script, you don't have createGallery() function. If you load it on your server, you might need cross-domain XML. You can search it in this forum or other search engine.

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            aniebel Level 2
            I'm sorry, what isn't working is that there is no XML for it to load. I'm guessing that one would need to see the PHP that generates the XML in order to answer my question. But really what I would like to know is can a PHP file be loaded into an XML object?

            Here is the PHP: