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    Cannot sync back Photos from mobile


      Both Lightroom CC (Mac OS/X Sierra) and Mobile (iOS 10.1.1). Both OSes and Applications are the latest, as of today (2-Dec-2016).


      I have lots of photos (3000+) shared from Desktop to Lightroom Mobile. This works fine, new photos get quickly uploaded, settings are synched back to desktop, everything works fine.


      When I import a picture from Camera Roll, either in my iPad or in My iPhone, to a Collection in Lightroom mobile, import goes fine, Lightroom mobile seems to upload the file to Adobe Cloud, everything seems again to go fine.


      However when I open the desktop back, it says that it is Syncing XXX pictures (the number of pictures I added in Lightroom mobile) but it stays like this for ever. Regardless of the speed/quality of the connection this Sync process never finishes. Connections to internet are fast (30/3Mbps at home, 80/8Mbps at office).


      The storage area for the iPad and the iPhone exist in Library module of Lightroom CC. There is space on SSD of Mac OS/X.


      The only way I found that I could abort this process, is to close Lightroom CC, delete the files from the Mobile and then re-open Lightroom CC. It then shows everthing synched.


      Same thing happens when I import a RAW file, using a Lightning-to-USB Host adapter to connect to the camera. It is as if Lightroom mobile cannot sync back images. It does sync back settings of images uploaded from Desktop as I said already.


      What do I do wrong?