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    Get document settings used at time of creation

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      This question is related to How to get bounds of largest possible document area?. It is different from the original topic of that thread so I figured a new one might be in order.


      I've noticed that some of Illustrator's functions seem to be influenced by values set at the creation of documents. For example in the thread above, determining the maximum pasteboard area requires knowing the size of the original artboard at the time the document was created. Resizing the artboard throws off calculations because they are based on the original artboard size, not the current artboard size. This is peculiar. I've found a few other oddities like this that seem to rely on values from the creation of the document rather than current values, like pageOrigin which seems to be based on presets type (which I don't care about here, but just citing as an example).


      Is there some sort of script accessible object in Illustrator documents that stores the original values of the document such as geometry and preset used?


      Thanks for any help provided. I've been banging my head on my desk for a while on this one.