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    Can I tag a text frame with an XML tag and still retain static text when the XML is imported?




      I am trying to set a text frame to automatically populate when I import my XML, but retain some static text (the title of the paragraph).


      I have used tagged frames and tagged text to import my XML successfully in the template already. Now I wish to use some Static Text has the text frames heading, but then populate the rest of the text frame with the imported XML automatically.


      I have tired to tag the frame with the parent element of the element I wish to import, then create some static text (my heading), then some placeholder text which is tagged with the XML element (>ProductIncludes) I want to import, and this HAS worked. However, I need to use the same parent element (>ProductHeader) in other text frames and repeat the process with a different child element (>Excursions), and this does not work. The first element works correctly, but any subsequent frames using the same parent element do not.


      Any ideas?


      The structure of the XML is as follows: