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    mouseListener for mousedown function in sub-menu buttons

      Hello people, sorry to ask this as i am quite new to using AS in flash, im using AS2.
      Basically i have a menu which appears on a mouseover on a button, on this menu i have some buttons. These buttons need to have the function that when the user clicks and holds down the mouse button it moves through an animation frame by frame.
      i understand the basica principal of:
      var mouseListener:object = newObject ();

      then calling it

      mouseListener.onMouseDown = function() {

      if you see my attached code you will see this is basically it, i will attach the code that i have on the top level of my flash file, the onPress functions currently work but i need them replaced with onMouseDown.

      As i said i am quite new to this so i appologise if this is a noobish error.

      Thanks for you time and help.