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    Adobe Indesign CS 2 - Windows 10 - Error - Wrong AUM Application ID

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      I have a problem with Indesign CS 2 on my windows 10 machine for about 2 weeks


      If I click OK Adobe Updater is starting and I have to authenticate as administrator. When I do so the updater does not find any updates. After that Indesign is opened in englisch. But I installed and used it in german so far.


      This looks for me like something is wrong with the rights to start Indesign. If I start Indesign as local administrator everything is fine.

      I want to give my windows user for everydays work as less rights as possible. That's why I dont want to start Indesign as administrator.

      And above all: Indesign worked well in the past


      Does anyone know why the error is caused?