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    Sony built-in lens profile applied

    Louie Sherwin Level 1

      I recently started shooting with Sony A7R2 (compressed raw) and noticed a small alert in Lens Corrections tab in the Develop module.


      Lightroom Lens Corrections.jpg

      This itself is surprising as I have previously turned off all three Lens Compensation options in the camera menu. When I click the "i" icon it reveals the following:


      Sony profile correction alert.jpg

      Apparently chromatic aberration correction is applied in Lightroom whether you select it in camera or in Lightroom. It seems to me that the choice should remain with the individual not forced as it seems. While generally I do apply chromatic aberration to all my images there are times, when evaluating a new lens for instance, that I want to turn it off.


      I am intersted if someone more in the know can shed some light on this.