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    Why? Air App won't appear in Builder

    afcb_chezza Level 1

      I am experiencing something odd, and it must be something I am doing wrong.

      When I'm using Flex Builder (latest version/updates etc) and execute an Air app during development sometimes it won't appear, even though there are no compilation errors. Even if I close Flex Builder, and re-open, running the buid doesn't display. Its a very simple app example app so there is nothing which should cause it to fail. Is there a process that I need to kill because it thinks its already running? I don't see any processes like that...?

      What's going on?
      Many thanks for your help.
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          Ansury Level 3
          1) When hovering over the run or debug buttons at the top of Flex Builder to start the app, make sure the tooltip displays the name of your application rather than some other project's name. It normally defaults to running the 'default application' (or the last one executed, or currently 'active', I forget); you could be running the wrong project/application by accident.

          2) Not sure if this would prevent a new instance from running, but check your task manager processes for something like... adl.exe (I think?) and kill any you see. You can find the actual name by starting the app and from the Task Manager "applications" tab, right-click select "Go to process" on your application's entry there. It'll bring you to the process running that window so you can see the name.

          I've probably had this happen a few times but I can't recall what else may have caused it atm.
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            Ansury Level 3
            Also I'm assuming it works seemingly randomly, and always the first time after a reboot. If it never displays there's something else wrong.