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    Graduates Search


      Dear Adobe Stock,



      I am looking for photos that show a diverse group of college graduates. I typed "graduates" in the search bar and after viewing 20 pages of results, I noticed some trends: 1. The majority of group photos do not include black males 2. The group photos that do include black males include multiple black females making whites the minority. 3. Photos that are gender and racially balanced tend to group white males and females together on one side, while grouping black males and females on the opposite side.


      I think Adobe makes great tools that give creative influencers the power to make bold statements. Adobe is an expressive brand and I would like you to take an active role in ensuring that your content does not fortify stereotypical barriers.





      Troy Woods

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Photos are all contributed by photographers - not commissioned by Adobe. It's the stock photo contributors that need to be able to fix that. As I said, Adobe doesn't take the photos.


          Having said that, if you see a certain type of image content such as you indicated that is not well represented with a good selection of images it may be your chance to make a little money yourself if you are or know a photographer. It costs nothing to become a contributor of stock imagery.

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            Citizen.TW Level 1



            Thanks for taking an interest in my post. Your advise on opportunity is appreciated. I understand that Adobe does not create all of its stock content. I do not find the photos that are available offensive. I do think that there should be more variety that reflects the real world, which is why I posted my thoughts in the community forum. Hopefully the community will respond by supplying a customer need.




            Troy Woods

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              And I totally agree, Troy. Stock is essentially fotolia.com which was primarily a European service before Adobe acquired it less than two years ago. As Adobe Stock becomes more mainstream world-wide I am sure we will slowly begin seeing a more diverse selection of photos.


              Two years ago it was even a challenge to find a good image with any text on it in English. That has slowly begun to shift as well and we are seeing more and more of it. I am confident that will happen with image content selection over time as well.


              I hope you continue to enjoy Stock and best of luck to you in your projects.

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