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    Adobe Indesign CC 2017 crashes after start - WIN10

    imrek28901505 Level 1

      Dear Supporter!


      If i start Adobe Indesign on WIN10 Pc, it crashes right after the double click.

      stopped working.PNG



      The same version on WIN7 runs correctly.


      I tested it on two different brand new installed WIN 10 Enterprise PC --> same issue (i tested it right after a clean install)


      If I start the application as an adminsitrator, it works without any error.

      If i start the application with holding the CTRL + SHIFT + ALT combo, it works correctly.

      Our users are non adminm domain users. Local users, and admin rights for normal users are restriced in our company.


      I downloaded and istalled the latest indesign version (cc 2017), trough the CC packager. I tried to download and instal the CC 2015 version, but i had the exactly same issue.


      I attached a screenshot about the event viewer log:


      event log.PNG


      Please help!


      Thank you.