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    Importing photos into (sub)folder shows it in a weird location




      I recently got a new Macbook Pro and simply copied everything in the Pictures folder on my iMac, which included the Lightroom app, catalog, and folders with photos, to my new Macbook Pro.


      When I import photos into either an existing folder or a new folder, let's say the folder Vacations in the parent folder 2016, the new photos will show up in the folder Vacations but not under 2016. Instead, the new folder will be created under the existing file structure. I just made an HDR also, but the new HDR file showed up in a new folder with the same name, but not in the existing folder. This is quite annoying. When I right click on the folder to see it in Finder, it does show it correctly in Finder. It's just the way that Lightroom is showing it that's messed up.


      Any suggestions??