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    Lightroom Mobile - Issues with stopping or pausing sync




      I have a couple of related issues.


      When I pause syncing with Lightroom Mobile it doesn't actually stop, even though it says it has.  If I check in task manager Lightroom is still uploading.  The only way to sort this is to pause sync, then restart Lightroom.


      Additionally, and more problematic.  If I select a collection to sync then change my mind it seems to continue to sync all the items anyway before 'un-syncing'.  Recently I accidently selected a folder with 650 images to sync but even though I unchecked it again it continued to sync all 650 items!  I live in a rural area with less than 1MB upload speed - it took ages and the internet was unusable during this time!  I tried deleting the collection online, this didn't help either.


      If someone knows a way round this then please let me know!