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    Buggy "Space Before" and "Space After" tools

    susan mazur Level 1

      Just downloaded InDesign 2017 and I cannot type a value in the Space Before or Space After tool boxes. Although my cursor is in that tool window, typing a value changes the copy on my layout to that value.


      For example: I have the word "Gensis" in a type box on my layout. I want to give it an eighth of an inch space after. I go to the Type window, click in the "Space After" box, highlight the current value and type .125.


      But instead of giving me an extra eighth inch of space after "Gensis," the copy in my layout changes from "Genesis" to ".125"


      So the only way I can use the Space After is to use the up and down arrows in the Space After box and use the values InDesign is giving me.


      Again, another small problem, but one that is causing me PAIN!