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    LCD ES2 Trying to Clear Only Certain Fields in Form with Repeating Rows


      Hi! I am working with a form that has repeating rows. I am trying to set up a button that will clear only certain fields on the form. I have tried several scripts, but have not been successful. The script below was kindly provided by this forum some time back. I changed the names of the fields to match mine, but I keep getting the error - syntax error near token "(" on line 2 column 4. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated!


      var n = form1.Page1.Table1.Row1.instanceManager.count;
      for(var i = 0; i < n; i++){
      var f = "form1.Page1.Table1.Row1[" + i + "].Cell1, form1.Page1.Table1.Row1[" + i + "].Cell2";