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    Flex Builder 3 - external browser

    istrasci Level 1
      I'm having a problem with Flex Builder 3 and Firefox... In the past, some of my Firefox plugins broke the Flex debugger... So I create a new Firefox profile ("flexDebug") with Firefox's profile manager and don't load any plugins... Then in FB3, I go to " Window -> Preferences -> General -> Web Browser", and then select "Use external Web browsers"... I first check the box next to Firefox, and then select " Edit"... Under " Parameters", I add in: -P flexDebug to indicate that I want Flex to open Firefox with this profile...

      It works perfectly from the command line, and was working fine in FB up until I re-installed it... Now, FB is blatanly ignoring the parameters and opening Firefox with the default profile... Has anyone else run into this problem, or know why the params are being ignored...?