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    PLEASE HELP [Billing issues with credit card on Student Cloud account]


      I am a second year college student who purchased myself a yearly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Simple enough, pay $20 each month, use the software. Excellent. I ran into some banking issues which required me to change my card number, and I completely forgot to update the information on my account. Last night, I received an email stating that there had been a 'final billing failure' and that I must update my card information to do so, or face a cancellation fee. I did so, relieved that I had just enough money to cover the subscription. Yet ever single time I attempted to update it, I would keep on getting the same error: Oh no! There's a problem with your recent payment. Update payment details for uninterrupted service." I assume there's some error on my end, and attempt to put in my card information again. Rinse and repeat a total of five times just to check.


      On a whim I check my account, I'd been charged five times over with $1 cancellation fees, meaning I no longer had enough on my account to pay for the subscription. I called customer support and (despite many individual's warnings to the contrary) was given clear and concise assistance, being told that I could have two months waived as a benefit on my student account after I paid for this month's subscription. All I had to do was transfer the money. I managed to scrape together the disparity that the authorizations fees had caused, and updated my card information one more time to make sure the subscription fee went through.


      I was charged $1 for authorization fees, with no sign of the actual subscription ever being paid for.


      What do I do? Please, please help. I neither have the money on hand nor the financial backing to receive assistance, I am flocked with other necessary charges, and now Adobe refuses to charge me my actual subscription.


      Please help, thank you so much.