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    Deleted original version of ADE (2012).  Can't get newer versions to work

    Seve Jr.

      My library recently converted to a new version of their website (OMNI libraries-Dixon, IL) back in june.  I had the original ADE version downloaded from the 'old' site.  I had no problems with.  Then, with the new site, certain epub books wouldn't download as well into my 2012 version.  Thinking that it was 'too old', I deleted it, and downloaded the 4.5.2 ADE version.  That caused my to lose my 'activation code' for my computer even though the 'authorize computer' is grayed out in the HELP column.  So, I uninstalled this version and installed the ADE 2.0.1 version per my library's contact request.  It still will not let me transfer ebooks from the library to the ADE program.  Here is what it currently does:  when I go to my library account and click on the "loans' folder, I click download for the book that is there. It opens a dialog box that states 'do you want to open or save "....the book's title..to fulfill.contentreserve.com".  When I choose 'open' it ask me to associate a program with it, I choose ADE, but it says it can't find the program (even though I can open it from my desktop).  What do I do?