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    When importing text from a word processor, does InDesign preserve the italic - LOCKED

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      The headline says it all (I hope ... unless it's chopped off). I need to purchase InDesign in order to lay out half a dozen novels. I've had trouble with some other software losing the italic of individual words within non-italic paragraphs when the text was imported from the word processor into a page layout program. Before I sign up for InDesign, I need to know for certain that it will do this with no muss or fuss.


      I've read the manual -- there's one brief mention that may possibly be relevant, but I didn't find a full discussion of the question. I've looked at YouTube tutorials on how to lay out a novel in InDesign, and while they were good as overviews of the process, they never even touched on this question. (And in fact, the "novel" formatting in both videos was crude and useless.)


      Can InDesign do this?


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