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    I can't import catalogue data from backups


      Hi there,

      I've got a problem with my Lightroom 5.7.1

      Due to a hardwareproblem my drive letters got los. First I don't recognize that the problems are the missing drive letters and unfortunately I don't remember them anymore. I only saw that my lightroom cataloge, used since mid of 2015, was nearly empty - only the pictures of the last two weeks were left.

      I tried to import from another catalogue to restore all older pictures. It read and read the differences betweeen the catalogues and showed me several folders with differences. But there ist no possibility to mark any of these ordners, to get the grey square infront of the folder name black, so the "Import" button on the bottom of the windows stays grey.

      I can import my pictures again, but then I lose my changes, that are saved in the catalogue, so it would be much more important to get the catalogue back.

      Do anyone here know any help? I urgently need my changes for working again on the pictures.