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    Nook/ADE problems

    tinag11029921 Level 1

      The NY public library has recently upgraded the e-book borrowing system and I can no longer get a book to transfer over from ADE to my Nook Simple touch glow light.

      It will only transfer just the cover of the book and that is not the orginal cover but just a white page with the title and it says page 1-1.     They gave me instructions to delete all the files from my nook library on my computer ect. and to start over , but nothing has worked.   I have been transferring books from the library for years

      with basically no issues till now.


      Also even when I delete all my borrowed books from ADE on my computer ,  they are still showing up on my nook under my files and I have checked, double/triple

      checked that they are not on my computer , so how do I get them off my Nook now that they are returned.


      I love reading on my Nook and am so frusterated right now.       Can you recommend and e-reader that works well with ADE ,  if my Nook isn't going to work I need

      to find something besides Nook or Kindle that will shake hands with ADE easily.

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          lindal83104605 Level 1

          I'm having the same problem with my new Glowlight Plus after our Houston library upgraded their system a couple weeks ago. I have tried unistalling ADE 4.5.2 using Uninstaller Pro and reinstalling it from  a Google Chrome browser as suggested in another post but that hasn't worked. Neither Barnes and Noble, the library or Adobe have suggestions that work. I will let you know if I find a solution.

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            lindal83104605 Level 1

            I just called Barnes and Noble to speak to a real person. This is a known issue that B&N is currently working to resolve. They suggested that I wait a week and check back with them before trying to transfer library books.

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              tinag11029921 Level 1

              Thank you for letting me know,  hopefully they figure it out soon.

              How do you like the new glow light plus,   I have been looking at them,  but the reviews for them haven't been great so I stuck with my older glow light.

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                lindal83104605 Level 1

                My old Glowlight died so it had to be replaced. I like the Glowlight Plus. The differences are easy to get used to. The most significant is how it downloads books from ADE. That is a little more complicated since the nook does not show up in ADE but You Tube has a great video that will walk you thru the process which you will need because neither B&N nor Adobe have a good step by step procedure. In fact, it was the B&N salesperson who quietly directed me to You Tube.