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    Ebooks no permission to copy


      I can access ADE and download an eBook form the library but when I try to put the book on my NOOK it says I do not have permission to copy the ebook. What do I do now?

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          I have the same question AngelDebb and this has occurred after having to transfer from Sainsbury's Entertainment to Kobo. After reading some other feeds I deactivated and then reactivated my Adobe authorisation but this didn't help. Not sure what to do now so anyone's advice would be helpful. Neither my computer or nook have changed so not sure why the authorisation will have been affected?

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            AngelDebb Level 1

            Hi there, I am baffled. I did not change a thing. One day I could download books and the next day I can't. I am so frustrated. I plan to uninstall ADE and reinstall and see if that helps. Luckily my daughter is letting me use her computer and it works fime to install books. I still would like to know why I can not though.